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PNG Explorers International was originally established as PNG Japan Ltd, which was initially incorporated to sell PNG tour to Japanese market via our partner company PNG Japan Ltd in Tokyo, but eventually grew to cater for global market. Incorporated in 2000 with single house/office in Port Moresby without staff, we now have several businesses & offices within PNG including Tour Operation Headquarter in Port Moresby and Goroka to look after the tourists from all around the world.

Emily Gabe Kamioka, from Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea and teacher in profession has been backbone of the company since establishment. She is in charge of admin & out for marketing from time to time. Hideo KAMIOKA, originally from Japan has lived in PNG since 1995 and has traveled most parts of the country. He has vast experiences and network within tourism industry, business houses & local community in PNG. He is in charge of daily operation and make sure that every customer is happy and safe. We have professionally-trained staffs from all over the country to take care of the guests.
Please check staff page for detail.

Since the establishment of the company, we have handled lots of divers, surfers, bird watchers, trekkers and so on… and boast ourselves as one of the most active & reliable tour operators in the country at this moment. (not the oldest though)

Our policy is that we only promote travel experiences which we have personally enjoyed. Also through the tourism job, we commit ourselves to contribute to job creation, village development, cultural heritage/environmental protection in a sustainable manner.

We are proud member of:

  • PNG Tourism Industry Association
  • PNG Divers Association
  • Surfing Association of PNG
  • South Pacific Tourism Organization

Visit our blog @ PNG Tourism News Update for latest updates.

Goroka Show

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